Posted by: givney42 | April 27, 2011

Seven months ago….

It has been a long while since I wrote. The reason, mainly…trying to find the words to process of transformation that has occurred since my camino journey. Boy…that sounds redundant, “Camino Journey”. They are one in the same. When one walks the Camino de Santiago, you hear other’s saying, “Buen Camino”! They are not meaning happy road, but really and truly mean good journey no matter what path it is. I find myself saying “Buen Camino” a lot. Not just to fellow peregrinos but to folks on the street. We are all on our “journey” and to acknowledge that journey in others just feels right to me.

Last month I attended the Annual Gathering of the American Pilgrims on the Camino. At first I was feeling really hesitate to attend. Here would be people I didn’t know and they wouldn’t know me. But truth by told I feel really good I went. Again it was much like walking the Camino. Meeting people you don’t know, they don’t know you, don’t speak the same language, but all have at least one thing in common. Either wishing to walk, planning to walk or have walked the Camino de Santiago. This one common thing is so big in many ways and yet so small. Just to think of it I feel the tension in my shoulders relax. To keep this in the fore front of my mind…that is the trick.

So to all who read, or just happen upon this blog. Buen Camino. Enjoy your own journeys…where ever it may take you.


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