Posted by: givney42 | October 16, 2010

Slow going at home

After returning home and I gave the knee and feet a bit of rest thinking they would be better sooner rather than later. They decided to have a different objective. I spent much of Thursday and Friday at the doctor’s office having x-rays, ultrasounds and bone scans. Nigel didn’t want to be around me after being injected with some radioactive material. Smart dog!

But the verdict is in, and thankfully no stress fractures around the knee. So that means IT band syndrome. Which includes PT and lots more rest.  But the right foot is an other matter. Under the bone scan it lit up like a light bulb, and so there appear to be at least one if not more small stress fractures around the long bone of my fifth toe. That means wearing a boot for 4 weeks, and if it does not feel better then, to be completely off it, with either crutches or wheelie cart. And again means more rest, elevation and ice. I figure this is the universes way of telling me I walked enough for a while and need to stay put and enjoy my little space at home.

This is a bit hard as my mind and rest of my body wants to walk. To take Nigel out for walks and runs and that is sidelined for a bit. I do feel like when I was on the camino and dealing with the pain of the blisters. I badly wanted to walk but my feet had other plans. Sitting on the train going back to Sahagun I was in tears fearful I would not be able to finish what I had wanted to complete. But in the end I was able to complete the camino, and also met some very lovely people in my stay at Moratinos. Which would not have happened if I had just continued on and not listened to my body.

So I must listen again, and rest. I am learning to also rest my mind when it wants to race ahead with my starting back to work in a few days. I continue to remind myself of taking the slower path and that work is just that. I will not rush, I have no need to rush. Things will be completed in time.


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