Posted by: givney42 | October 2, 2010

In the home stretch.

We made it to Santa Irene today. Last night I had made a reservation at a nice hotel in Arzua after the episode of bed bugs on Nigel in Palas de Rei on Tuesday and my getting bit and sleeping on the floor on Melide. I am happy to be here. 

This is the first Xunta Albergue that has taken us in with no questions asked. And apparently Nigel is making a name for himself on the camino. We have run into about 10 people who say they had heard of, “this dog with a red service pack walking the camino.” more photos taken again. 

I have reservations in a hostel in Santiago from the 3rd to the 6th.  I figure that gives is time to rest, obtain compostela, and go to Finisterre.  The take train back to Madrid. And take a day trip to Avila and another to the vet to get Nigel checked out before we fly home on the 14th. 

Some people ask what have I learned along the way. I am still trying to comprehend all that I have learned and I think it will be awhile before I can put it all into words. But one word keeps coming up…compassion. 

The compassion that paddy, rebekah and Kim gave Nigel and I when I needed time to heal.  The compassion a priest showed me when he asked why I was walking, I told him, and he took off the scallop shell necklace he was wearing, put it on me and said to wear this along the way and give it to your mother when you return. The compassion an elderly gentleman gave by loving to see Nigel, he had, a ridgeback, and gave Nigel a kilo of beef from his freezer and four hard boiled eggs. 
As to what I have given…I’ve been told lots…but that is for later.



  1. Looks like things are winding down, your amazing. I believe the lessons learned will continue to surface for years. You will be someplace physical or perhaps feeling something emotional deep in your soul and suddenly reflect back to this time and there it will be; so simple but there staring at you like ya I’ve been here patiently waiting for you, welcome. I love life lessons and feeling even when it hurts, at least you know your alive.

  2. We are so proud of you and Nigel. You two have survived an amazing challenge. I too believe the lessons learned will continue to surface for the rest of your lifetime. In reading your blog I’m stunned by the treatment of service dogs and the disabled. I was also brought to tears by the compassion found along the way. Safe trip home.

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