Posted by: givney42 | September 28, 2010

Lots of prayer and frustration

43 miles left to go to Santiago. I won’t believe I’m there till I get there. I hope to go to Finnisterra. The end of the world. Or least the beginning of the Atlantic ocean. After yesterdays walk of 40k to find a bed, Nigel is worn out. My knee is giving out with each step when going down hill. The feet are bandaged well, thanks to the Red Cross. 

It amazes me in a country that reports to be progressive, they are still so very far behind when it comes to disability rights and laws. In the Provence of Galicia where we are now, the laws have changed so that all service/assistance and guide dogs have public access rights. However no one even enforces the laws so people still turn many away. While walking to the church here in Palas De Rei, a woman who clearly was using a guide dog (not me), was turned away from entering. Shehas the white cane and all. I too was about to be turned away but I put up a fuss and told them to call the police if they wanted me out. The church secretary relented and let me in so that I could light a candle for my mom, (which I have been doing at each church or cathedral I see). 
I just don’t understand why I or anyone who clearly uses a dog to mitigate a need has to put up such a fight. You would think it is the 1960’s and yet even then some of these same rules were in place then. 

I guess I worry that I’d this is what the rest of the world believes is progressive action towards disability rights…I’m afraid. 



  1. Hey girl,
    It’s October 1st here in Seattle and a beautiful warm day. I’m hopeful that the weather there is lovely and you and Nigel finish your journey in good spirits.

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