Posted by: givney42 | September 26, 2010

The Joy of walking once again

Sunday and heading back on the camino is such a nice feeling. Though I wish I could start where I left off, I have decided it is best to work on completion of the last 100k. I figure that since I have walked from Madrid to Ponferrada that counts enough. So am taking the train from Sahagun to Lugo. Would have started in Sarria but I am getting in so late that finding a bed would be difficult to impossible. I have been able to find a hotel in lugo that is dog friendly so will rest my head and feet there and take the bus, or train to Sarria in the morning. And walk a few miles and find a place to rest. 

Normally folks complete the last 100k in 6-7 days. I have decided to go slower and stop by mid day when possible. That way to find a municipal albergue and rest the feet. Will see how well this plan works. 

Nigel has done remarkably well. Yesterday, he and Ona the dog went to the open fields and had such a wonderful time playing. Now as I write, they are laying in the livingroom together with Tim the other house dog. It is a wonderful way to end my stay at the Peaceable Kingdom. 

So the adventure will continue.


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