Posted by: givney42 | September 24, 2010

Einstein and the Camino

It amazes me how one loses time while on the camino. I’ve spoken to others who feel the same experience. Each day you get up, pack your bag and start to walk following the yellow arrows and or scallop shells that mark the path. When you get tired you look for the next town you are to come through an hope they have a cafe or bar. Then start to walk again. As the day light starts to wain you look for a place to rest your head and feet for the night. Then as the sun starts to rise you do it all over again. 

The idea of what the date or what actual time it is does not seem to matter on the camino. Even those who live here day in and day out always say, “mañana”, “tomorrow”. But it appears that tomorrow means different things to others. 
For example, Patrick has been waiting for the repaired stove top to arrive from the repair shop. The person who is to bring it keeps saying, “tomorrow”, yet with each passing day it does not arrive. And this is how the cycle goes. 

So as my feet start to feel better and heal, I tell myself, “tomorrow I will start back up the camino”. And when tomorrow arrives, I will see…



  1. Nigel, hope those dogs (feet) are better, we at Camino Buddies ar enjoying your posts. Buen Camino!

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