Posted by: givney42 | September 22, 2010

Wet feet and learning

Soaking my feet in cool salt water. It is suppose to help the blisters dry out and heal a bit quicker so they say. I say it burns like all heck but if it will help, so be it. It reminds me a lot of my great grandmother’s cold remedy. Whiskey, lemon juice, honey and hot water. Mix all together and head straight for the covers, to sweat it out. Oddly I’ve used this technique many times and it has worked. So I hope the salty cold water will also work. 

Nigel is not too happy being confined at the Peaceable Kingdom, but for his and the other dogs, it is best. It becomes a bit of a dance around here move Nigel from bedroom to backyard, while other dogs wait in the front yard to move inside. Nigel has not really put up much of a fuss but whines here and there. He likes the greyhounds, chickens, cat, Bob the bird and Tim the dog. But Ona the dog barks a lot which seems to really disturb him. He becomes very nervous and tries to get away. So since this is Ona’s home, I feel it is best for Nigel to have some alone time. But I am certain he would think otherwise. 

I am feeling much better in spirit and in body at this place. I know this break is necessary for me, but waiting is truly one of my growing edges. And one I get to work on whether I want to or not. 

So here I sit soaking my feet and learning patiences….oh to continue to learn.


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