Posted by: givney42 | September 21, 2010

Trusting the process…has a whole new meaning.

Monday Nigel and I did find the train station in Ponderrada. A small miracle in itself as it is not well marked and not in town. We caught a train back to Leon and another that the conductor said was going to Sahagun. I think in the dark it was 9:00pm here, I know the stop was missed at least by me it was. Nigel and I ended up in Palencia.

When riding the train back to Leon. I could see the mountain range we had just taken 2-3 days to cross. I cried at the thought that I may be quitting. I don’t want to!!! I just need time for my feet to heal. My friend who has the place outside Sahagun is back walking the camino so I can not reach her, so I have sent email to her spouse telling him of offer. I hope to hear from him. I know they do not mind people dropping in, but it is not something I’m comfortable with. 

At 10:30pm in the dark of a town I’ve never been in, I thought… “okay God, Howard, whomever is in charge do what you want. I’m in pain, but leave Nigel out of this. He needs a place to rest.” 

Thanking the Gods after, a dingy little hotel was found by the help of some locals who I know were put in the right place at the right time. 

Nigel slept, I did as well after tending to feet. And decided in the morning to start again. 

So it is now morning in Palencia, Nigel always wakes up happy. I am going to do my new morning ritual of tending to my feet and we will go back to Sahagun and hope for the best. And as my very dear friend Jane Anne would say,”trust the process.”



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