Posted by: givney42 | September 19, 2010

So close and yet feeling so far.

It has been a very challenging day. Last night Nigel and I stayed at a municipal albergue. These are pilgrim hotsels that are only available to those who are making the trek to Santiago. They were very kind, even offered to cook rice for Nigel. I found him a kilo of hamburger and he was a happy dog.  Though he does have a new found favorite in jambon and queso bocodillos. 

Today we started off from Rabanal planning to stay at the Parosh run albergue in Foncebadon because the day would be spent going up hill with a near 700 meter incline. It was a beautiful day. Sunny not too hot in the morning. Once in Foncebadon, the volunteer at the albergue told me there was a bed available, but not for 2 hours. Nigel rested while I worked on my worsening blisters. At 2pm the volunteer arrived and said that he changed his mind and Nigel was not allowed. I gave him the note from ONCE and Nigel’s papers showing he is a certified dog. The volunteer said No, and that was it. We spent the next 4-5 hours climbing to the next village. This time, Nigel could stay but he would have to be outside with the owners dogs who while I was walking up, had already met, and sadly had to whack them with my walking stick as they tried to take on Nigel. So…more climbing then decent to next town, Acebo. Same thing. So we walked 16 miles more than I had wished and much more than my feet could handle. 

Nigel and I ran into a person we had walked with in Sahagun and found a hostel. Again the owner was not going to allow us to stay but I guess I looked as bad as I feel and for double the price she allowed us to have a room. She never showed me the bathroom, but at this point I don’t care. 

I’ve been keeping a close eye on Nigel’s paws and pads and he is doing very well. I’ve been putting “musher’s secret” on his feet ever night and it has been helping. He wakes up and is ready
to run while I limp along. Due to the extra miles my feet was worse than ever. I’m going to rest them tonight and see what happens. I am so close to ending this. It just makes me cry to thing of quitting. Nigel and I have come so far to end this within 200 km is hard. I do have a person I know back outside Sahagun who runs a hostel and she has offered her home as a rest for Nigel and I. Then once better to take the train back to Ponferrada or to Sarria. I’ll check with her tomorrow to see if the offer is still good. 

I guess I’m feeling really discouraged right now. I’ll sleep on it and see what goes. 



  1. HI Kim,
    Your poor, poor feet! I can hardly imagine the pain of all those miles. Please take good care of yourself and heal. Your trip sounds extraordinary!
    Good thoughts to you!

  2. It’s Monday the 20th here in Seattle and I hope you decided to push on, I read your last post and it looks like the going is ruff, no pun intended. If you must discontinue your journey, take pride in what you have accomplished. How many women do you know that trek halfway around the world to walk 600 miles with a dog? Your awesome, just keep doing your best and follow your heart, I’m cheering for you and Nigel. Peace find you, Lisa

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