Posted by: givney42 | September 13, 2010

Observations from a Spanish hotel room.

A list of what I’ve seen from the 7th floor of a hotel in Leon.

1. People rarely look up. 
2. There appears to be fewer people talking to themselves. Ie; few hands free cell phones. 
3. People are serious about their chocolate. I’ve seen more people Consuming chocolate than coffee. 
4. Leash laws are very lax. 
5. Leash laws as to children are even more lax. I’ve seen more kids running into traffic with parents not making much of a deal about it. May be a gene pool thing.
6. Stoplights are only a good suggestion. 
7. American music makes up a majority of what is heard coming from car radios.
8. Lunch breaks really do run from noon to three or four. (no wonder the country is going bankrupt…who’s working?)
9. Castilian dubbed American movies have the laugh tracks in the wrong places.?
10. Much of what is on the news today is about rumors of a beauty pageant winner being a transexual. (I mean really…is that really the most important thing happening in Spain?)


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