Posted by: givney42 | September 12, 2010

Land of counterpane…

As I lay about in a hotel room in Leon, I feel a mix of emotions. First I’m frustrated that I literally cannot walk more than 20 feet without being in tears due to the overwhelming pain. I am taking Aleve when I can, keeping my feet elevated and keeping a close eye out for infection. The only time I am walking is to take Nigel out for potty breaks, and get us a bite to eat at the bar down stairs.
So in the meantime watching the world from my hotel room. There is quite a bit that goes on, during a sunny Sunday in Leon. Kids running back from church services, racing to geet into their play clothes.
Women chatting over the fence as they hang their laundry. Men reading the paper and drinking. All the voices sounding loud but happy.
In between watching outside my window, there is always TV. Which is entertaining to say the least. It amazes me how many of our US show play here. Dubbed in Castillian, and listening closely. The laugh track is way off. Though many of the really odd cartoons are more fun in Castillian than English.
Well, Monday morning will be here soon enough and I hope that with each passing moment my feet heal. I realize now, these were not caused by wrong shoes or any of the usual reasons. I forgot that when I travel, no matter how far, my feet swell. And the extra fluid contributed to the matter. None the less, a good lesson to learn. Listen to you body, and rest. If you don’t it will find a way to make you take the time it needs.


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