Posted by: givney42 | September 11, 2010

Leon and resting.

Made it to Leon. Yes, I cheated and took a taxi but there is no way I could walk the 15 miles if I tried. I was able to secure a hotel for at least 3 nights and may push it to 5 depending on feet. They just need time to heal. Which means to slow down and well…that is something I’m learning. Nigel loves bocodilos so he has been eating well. Including yogurt. He did make friends with a very sweet terrier who had followed us half way from Sahagun to El Burgo Raneros. They chased each other up and down the camino. I don’t have video so only i and few other pilgrims watched. And Nigel has had more photo shoots from people taking his picture…maybe I should start charging.



  1. I just discovered your journal. Can’t really describe the overwhelming wonder of the two of you on your walk. I am relieved you are being well taken care of. The pictures of the bandaged feet …….well I was worried. Yes, take your time and breathe. I struggle with the same (work never being “done”, what needs to be done tomorrow, next week….. It goes on!! “BE HERE NOW” living in the moment is something I struggle with each day. I will carry with me each day the words (paraphased) walking makes things go slower. Life does go by way too fast. As I read, Gracie (Nigel’s sister) has crawled up next to me and is contently sleeping. They (Ridgebacks) are amazing!!! I will be thinking and praying for you and Nigel many times during the day: for a safe journey, good health, and the hope you are able to embrace every second of this walk!!!!

    Love – Stephanie Gardner aka Sammy (Maggie/Ruger kid) and Gracie’s mom

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