Posted by: givney42 | September 6, 2010

Buen Camino

Have arrive in Madrid safely. Looking outside the window of the small hostel room I have for the night. It overlooks a small courtyard with a great many clotheslines strung about. I am very thankful for the safe flight and for this small room with a fan. Nigel is quite tired. The last leg of the flight here was a challenge due to bulkhead seating and an overly full plane.

Once we landed, we had to wait an hour to taxi to the terminal because we were a hour early and planes are not allowed to head to the terminal till 7AM. So noise abatement rules. Customs was a breeze. They saw Nigel asked if they could give him a pat and we were on our way. Once we made it through to the metro and walked to the Plaza Mayor it was time for breakfast. Churros with cafe con leche, two french omelets for Nigel and water. The hostel opened at noon. We took a brief rest and went to Santiago Church to get my pilgrim passport stamped, stayed for the mass and was given a blessing by the priest. While I’m not Catholic, I figure and prayers and blessings are a help. Nigel was also given the blessing of Saint Frances of Assisi.
So tomorrow we are off to Sahagun. Was going to start closer to Pamplona but with time as it is and I REALLY do not want to feel rushed.


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