Posted by: givney42 | July 2, 2010

It’s a go…now the real work begins

Plane tickets are purchased, EU pet passport laminated, and ready. Clothes, tent, and pack items planned.Time off scheduled at work.  Walking more every day. Nigel enjoys the extended walks. He needs the conditioning just as much as I.  The physical training has been going on, and now the emotional training begins. 

There is an element of fear, nervousness, excitement all at once.

Fear of the unknown. Having never taken on such a trip there are so many unknowns. I’ve read a ton of books, blogs, and forum sites. All have good information, but I also know that everyone who takes on this pilgrimage does so individually. Many seem to walk this as race getting from hostel to the next. I’m hoping to slow my mind of this by taking the tent. By not having the worry of finding a place to lay my head, I hope to walk at a pace that is comfortable for myself and Nigel.

Nervous, To be leaving what is known and comfortable, to walk for days. To carry all I need on my back. Nervous to be away from my parents when their health is unknown. Mom is getting better each day. Dad is doing well. I just pray they continue to do so. I know deep down my mom’s illness will come back I just hope it stays at bay. I know my mom has been worried about my trip. She always says, “Roots and Wings”.  Meaning that is takes one to grow strong roots to then grow wings. 

Excitement.: To meet new people, see new places. Try new foods, and culture different from my own.

This will be a truly an amazing trip…more to come.


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