Posted by: givney42 | May 30, 2010

Challenges…all a part of the journey

I’ve been feeling really frustrated as not being able to walk the distance I have been wanting to. While dealing with a month-long headache it has truly been a challenge. I’m finding that while the frustration builds, it is best for me to step back and breath. I’m trying to take instructions from Nigel. His behavior is sleep, and rest when ever you get a chance. At with work as it is, this is well needed by both of us.

Nigel is currently sleeping on my leg. He has been doing well with the walks, distance, and endurance. Ridgebacks are historically known for this, and Nigel is no exception. Once he finds his gate, it is just a matter of me keeping up. 

So, while having to “embrace” this headache, I am learning from it as well. Take my time, slow down, drink lots of water, and no matter what things feel like, there are always things to smile about and enjoy each day. Today it is enjoying the warmth of a dog sleeping on my leg. The softness of his hair, and the weight of his head as it snuggles on my lap.

This is what makes a Sunday Great!


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