Posted by: givney42 | May 18, 2010

Monday, Monday….

While Mondays are usually a busy time of getting back into the speed of work. Today has been slow-moving. It was a busy weekend of driving the sidecar all day Saturday, and the NWRRC fun day on Sunday. Nigel nor I got much rest but thankfully he has been sleeping much of the day. It was a fund day for him herding sheep on Sunday and just taking in all the smells of other ridgebacks, sheep and food. While I’m already looking forward to the next weekend to rest a bit and to start walking again.

I am still struggling with blisters even with two layers of socks. It seems that the liner is sticking to the bottom of my foot and the weave of the liner is too large. So am thinking of trying the silk liners to see if there is a difference. It is really hard to tell due to the orthotics. I’ll be taking them back into the foot doctor to see if the orthotic cover can be changed as it does not allow much movement, and I think that is where the liner sticks.

I’ve had to take some time off of the walking due to migraines. Either it is lessening or I’m getting use to the pain.  I’ve been trying to get a better read on my body to see when, where the headache starts. I’m sure much of it is from stress. Work is causing a great deal of it. I did put in my annual leave request and now have to wait to see if my supervisors, supervisor will approve it. I’m asking for 6 weeks while I walk the camino. And if denied…I’m still going to do it. I have the leave available except for 5 days. But frankly this walk is more important that work. While I need and like the money, my soul and body are really in need of this pilgrimage. I know it will truly be a challenge both physically and emotionally. It amazes me that I see this pilgrimage in my dreams. Not as an easy thing, but one of learning inside and out.


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