Posted by: givney42 | April 2, 2010

Mixed day

Nigel and I went for our usual morning walk but only about half the time as I slept in by accident and had an early appointment with my PT person. Now PT w/nigel is an interesting thing. He sits, watches, turns his head and I”m sure wonders what in the heck mom is doing trying to balance on strange things with one foot. Then tries to throw and catch a ball while on a trampoline with one foot. All of this is to strength my left leg and foot after a lengthy injury some years back. But the PT is working wonders and I’m finding that my stamina is getting better, and the foot is not yelling back nearly as much. YEA!!!  I do find that it is best for me not to go to the gym the same day I have PT as things are already lit up and hitting the gym and using the muscles that are growly does not help.

Would have gone for evening walk but tree pollen is just too high and I don’t want it setting me back any further that I already feel I am.

But I have found a great new wonder in socks for helping keep down blisters between toes. Toe socks. When I was a child I had wanted a pair and did receive a pair at christmas. I loved them then, just about as much as I do now. The difference now is they are made with coolmax material so they wick great and my feet are very happy with them. Nigel likes them too as it is much easier to get a quick rub in while I’m trying to put one on, and he rubs his back on the other allowing for more toe action in the scratching department for Nigel. 

So since I did not go to the gym and the air is still too full of stuff for my nose/lungs. I dug out my digital point and shoot camera to ready it for the trip. And it is a good thing I did. I had bought a couple of new memory cards for it only to find out that the firmware for the camera needs to be updated. I spent much of the evening playing with that. I’m still not sure if it working correctly, but will work on it more tomorrow. 

So while I was not able to do as much true work out time today, I did get more things accomplished in regards to the planning and prep work. Repaired one of my trekking poles, and figured out the guy lines on the rainfly to my tent. Those are tricky…at least for me. I am taking the rainfly and footprint of my North Face tadpole tent along. Just for those days when I don’t wish to push it to the next village and rush around looking for a bed in a hostel. From what I have read there can be a lot of rushing by folks and I just don’t wish to have this trip be that way. So figure best to prepare now and not worry later.


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