Posted by: givney42 | March 30, 2010

Rain, Hail and Thunder.

While the short walk this morning was nice, the one this afternoon was a bit busy. Didn’t get to walk as far as I had wished but hail will do that for you.  Besides I figure a day of two short walks is okay too. Nigel likes to watch thunder and lightening, however is not happy with hail and sleet. Still I hope it helps to knock down the pollen count a bit. My nose and lungs are not as happy are they can be due to the tree pollen. Just one more reason I’m doing this walk in the Fall and not Spring.  

The PT is working well. My foot muscles are getting stronger as is my balance. Both are well needed to manage this hike. From all I’ve read of others who have taken part in this trek, there is more than enough other pains (blisters, shin splints and tired feet) to deal with and if I can get my foot in better shape to handle this, the rest will not be a muct of a problem.  I did find some really great socks and sock liners. Injinji preformance toe sock liners are WONDERFUL!!! They do a great job of keeping blisters down inbetween toes. Which is an area I normally get blisters. Their regular socks are also great for everyday use. They are not cheap but well worth the money in keeping feet happy.


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