Posted by: givney42 | March 29, 2010

Palm sunday and only 156 days to go.

I remember as a child growing up in Portland OR, going to church on palm sunday not with palm fronds but fern fronds. We made due with what we had. Now instead of going to church, I sometimes go to meeting (quaker: unprogrammed) or more likely, to go take a long walk. In the main “christian” reference book; aka-bible, Jesus was said to have stated, “where two of more gather, I am there. ” There is no mention as to what those two or more are.  So I figure that also includes trees, grass, bugs, and of course, Nigel. My communion is with all around. Including the wind, rain, clouds, sun. It is in all I eat every day. There is no difference in taking communion on a specific day or being conscience on a daily basis. This a long with many other questions is what got me kicked out of the “standard christian” church.

So, today I took communion while walking the Tiger Mountain trail. Being aware of the air I took in with each breath. The water I drank from my water bottle from home. Watching Nigel with his nose close to the ground startle a woodland ground squirrel. I didn’t even mind getting soaked when it started raining buckets. Nigel was none too happy as I had forgotten his raincoat. But I did have a towel in the car for him. Watching the rain drops shine on the new growth of fir-tree needles. Reminded  me of palm fronds being used to welcome Jesus to Jerusalem. I felt as if nature was welcoming me into its world, and what a calming feeling that it.



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