Posted by: givney42 | March 27, 2010

The reason this all began

I decided that since folks are reading this, people should know the reason Nigel and I  are not only walking the camino but trying to raise money along the way.

In June 2009 my mom started complaining of being really tired. So on August 3rd she finally went to her doctor and had a full blood test. On August 4th on her way to work her doctor called and said for her to get to the emergency room right away. She got a ride from one of her co-workers, and checked herself into the hospital. After 3 days of a multitude of tests she was told she has end stage renal failure that is being caused by multiple myeloma. And from there…the fear and journey began for all of us.

My mom and I had talked for years of walking the Camino de Santiago. Before she became sick, my mom was actually feeling like she could do the walk.  With family in St Jean Pied de Port my mom was excited about the possibility of going to France and Spain.

When she became sick, mom told me to continue the plans. She may not be able to walk it in person but she will be able to live it vicariously through me.   So the planning and training began.

More to come.


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