Posted by: givney42 | March 26, 2010

Facebook is a go.

So today worked on creating the facebook page for this pilgrimage. Just one more way of getting the word out as to this trek for a cause.

 I have a love/hate relationship with spring. Tree pollen. While I am a “tree-hugger” of sorts, when they are pollenating, I’m ready to take them out. I just tell myself it is only three more weeks of the trees. Maybe afterwards I can breath without pain. In the mean time, more working out in the gym. Really wish I could put Nigel on the treadmill. Nigel is getting better at being relaxed at the gym, however the pool just confuses him.  And he is a hit at my PT’s office. 

PT is working. my foot/ankle are stronger and I am learning how to walk so I don’t use the wrong muscles. Over the weekend Nigel and I walked up Rattlesnake Ridge trail with full packs. Both my feet and Nigel’s held up very well. No major pain that arnica could not ease later.

But all fun aside. I am really thankful that Nigel is in good shape. It makes it easier when I can not walk him due to the weather. Now rain, snow, sleet, does not stop me but the trees have won.  Now to only teach Nigel to lift weights….


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