Posted by: givney42 | February 19, 2010

Better living through PT

Okay so I’m training to walk 500 miles. Everyone says you start with one step. This is true but if your feet are hurting that step becomes a hesitation and then procrastination. Which I don’t wish to have. So off to meet with the physical therapist today. Back in ’05 I had to have the sesmoid bones in my left great toe removed because they were smashed up. My doctor and I tried everything from nearly voodoo to bone simulators. Too many broken pieces to put together.

It was good to have the broken pieces out. But walking can be hard, since there is no padding on the bottom of the ball of my feet. So LOTS of time with my foot doctor who I thank for every step I can take, and now to the folks who do PT for helping me to learn to walk better without pain, and to relearn my muscles.

It amazes me how stepping my right foot on a chair and flexing my leg back and forth can help but it really does. And I learned a new trick to get rid of muscle cramps in my feet.  Anyone who knows about accupressure please help to verify. But if you pinch your top lip with your thumb and fore finger and twist it helps. I’m sure I’ll be trying it out tonight as I aways get them at bed time.

Well once I can get Nigel up, he is currently snuggling in bed with my blanket, we’ll go for a walk. Starting step by step.


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