Posted by: givney42 | February 18, 2010

Day One!

Starting off on the right foot…or is it the left? I never think to look and see.

Why Walking Two by Too….? My two feet along with my dogs four, walking to where ever they take us. I do have a goal in mind, but am also allowing for serendipity along the way. So walking too…one never knows.

Like most blogs this is about me the writer, my dog and our upcoming adventure to walk the Camino de Santiago. While many folks in Europe know this walk or pilgrimage, it is not as well-known in the States.

basically we are taking on a nearly 500 mile walk through Southern France into Spain walking the Camino Frances. Many people a year walk this route for many reasons. And hopefully I along with my dog will one of them.

So why walk 500 miles. One; because it is there. Two; because it is truly a spiritual journey of the body, mind and soul. Three; to bring awareness about Multiple Myeloma. All three of these are my reasons and I’m sure as I delve into myself I’ll find more reasons.

All are welcome to come along this adventure to walk, read, write comments you name it.


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